What is Mediators-Plus-More?

The rapid expansion of mediation has been accompanied by growing concerns about mediator quality, including whether mediators should be required to have substantive knowledge about the specific matters in dispute. Mediators + More is an umbrella organization created by Norman Solovay and a long-time associate, Mark J. Maged, to address those concerns. Their response, initially inspired by the unusually impressive combination of legal and business experience reflected in Mark's biography, was to assemble a carefully selected roster of mediators whose similarly outstanding biographies should eliminate such concerns.

Some in the group are highly regarded experts in differing legal substantive areas including trust and estates, employment, family, environmental, real estate, bankruptcy, intellectual property and more, while others have equally highly regarded and varied professional backgrounds. Collectively, they bring to the mediation process a unique understanding of underlying issues in domestic and international personal, business and government related disputes of almost all kinds. The "plus" in its name symbolizes its mission of offering mediator expertise and abilities particularly applicable to the dispute rarely found in former judges or even in many of the most skillful, stand-alone, generalist mediators.