• Brooklyn Law School, JD, 1973
  • University of Chicago, BA, 1968


  • New York, (1979)
  • Massachusetts, (1974)


  • New York Supreme Court Appellate Division, First Department, Appellate Division Special Master
  • American Arbitration Association, Panel of Mediators
  • New York City Bar Association, Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution, Chair 2012 -2015.


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Chris Stern Hyman, Mediators + More

Chris Stern Hyman

Member, Mediators + More

CHRIS STERN HYMAN specializes in dispute resolution for health care matters and has mediated health care disputes involving a range of issues. Her work as a full-time neutral involves clients ranging from single parents and surviving spouses to top hospitals and preeminent medical specialists. Her research measures mediation’s efficacy in health care and satisfaction of participants. She trains health care professionals and attorneys in mediation skills designed to improve communication and possibly prevent lawsuits.

Hyman’s broad experience includes more than 22 years as a practicing attorney. She began her career with the legal department of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health where she held multiple senior positions and later spent more than a decade as Chief Counsel for the Office of Professional Medical Conduct for the New York State Department of Health.

Hyman is a member of the American Arbitration Association’s Panel of Mediators and is a Special Master mediating appeals pending before the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division, First Department.

As a researcher, Hyman worked as an Associate and Adjunct Researcher at Columbia Law School, for several semesters co-taught the Mediation Clinic and served as co-principal investigator on several key studies. As a trainer, she regularly instructs physicians, health care providers and risk managers on techniques to effectively resolve incidents of medical error.

Hyman serves on the boards of the Fund for Public Health in New York, Women in Need Inc., and the Citizen’s Committee for Children of New York, Inc.

Hyman is the founder of Medical Mediation Group, LLC.