Who We Are

Chris Stern Hyman: an independent and leading health care/medical malpractice mediator who presently Chairs the prestigious New York City Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

Melanie L. Cyganowski: a former Chief Bankruptcy Judge (EDNY), now a partner in a major law firm and adjunct law professor of bankruptcy ethics, who also mediates bankruptcy disputes through Mediators + More.

Steve Gilbert: a lawyer with well established expertise in technology and intellectual property who mediates patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and other IP matters in a wide variety of business sectors.

Peter J. Bernbaum: an adjunct ADR law professor and corporate attorney with years of experience who mediates cable, broadcast and new media related disputes.

James Periconi: a leading environmental law practitioner first in government and then in private practice for three decades, twice a federal court appointed Special Master, an expert witness in federal and state court in major environmental litigations, who mediates environmental law disputes.

Mark Maged: broad experience as CEO of a prominent international financial institution, board member of various companies and Chairman of a leading information technology company, before becoming a trained mediator focusing on resolution of commercial disputes and the development of creative business solutions.

Robert A. Straniere: with years of experience in top legislative positions, together with an extensive real estate practice, now mediates governmental and other public disputes as well as real estate disputes.

Robert D. Steele: an experienced trusts and estates partner in a leading New York law firm who mediates the broad range of disputes that arise in such practices.

Barry Berkman: the founder of Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, a leading family and divorce law firm, who is particularly renowned for mediating difficult divorces and other family disputes.

Vivian Berger: after serving as a distinguished Professor and Vice Dean at her alma mater, Columbia Law School, has gone on to successfully mediate hundreds of varied employment related disputes.

Henry Weinstein: after practicing and teaching law, went on to become a distinguished psychiatrist. Now Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the New York University Program in Psychiatry and the Law, he will make available through Mediators + More Transformative Mediation techniques he has used and is using in his extensive private practice to resolve family and many other inter-personal disputes.

Rick Alimonti: the first person to be twice selected to head the ABA’s Section of Litigation Committee on Aviation Litigation and a member of the Mediation Advisory Committee of the US District Court, SDNY, heads a firm that been dealing since 1990 with all aspects of tort and other claims against aviation clients.

Chuck Platto: a long time partner at Cahill Gordon & Reindel left New York in the nineties to establish a small town “country” law practice in Vermont which evolved into a national boutique insurance law firm, before his recent conversion to full time domestic and international commercial arbitration and mediation largely in the insurance field.

Debra A. Vey Voda-Hamilton: has 30 years of experience as a practicing litigator. Her focus for the past 4 years is as a mediator working to resolve disputes between people involving animals.

Norman Solovay: a "reformed litigator," converted to settling disputes through mediation where possible as well as through the use of other increasingly-popular settlement techniques. He has become particularly known for promoting the use of Med-Arb, a "hybrid" combination of mediation and arbitration particularly suitable for resolving disputes where interest based settlement negotiations are preferred but a final resolution is essential and for obtaining internationally enforceable arbitration awards at a fraction of the time and cost of typical international arbitrations.