June 11, 2023
Divorce Mediation – Things to Know Before Getting One Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation – Things to Know Before Getting One

Divorce Mediation – Things to Know Before Getting One. Divorce might be the only option you and your spouse should agree with. However, it could drag both of you into a long process for settlement. According to data, the longest divorce in New York took 21 years to settle. Of course, you want closure as fast as possible, right?

On the other hand, divorce mediation could help you to speed up the process. In case you will go down this route, several things need to consider in the first place. We will break those things down below.

Divorce Mediation
Divorce Mediation

Advantages and disadvantages of divorce mediation

This process will be done out of court. You may expect something more than coming to an agreement with your spouse once the is finalized. Divorce mediation needs a mediator to take care of the settlement process.

The mediator will be hired by the outside party. Of course, the goal is to reach a solution. If both parties are agreed and satisfied with the outcome, there would be no appeal process. Things could go differently if the divorce is facilitated by the court.

What makes divorce went for years is caused by the right to appeal. Meanwhile, if both parties are settled to a term then the court will authorize the divorce. Mediation is also a good route to take when the divorce is amicable.

Ill-feeling and tension are just a few things caused by the negotiating process. Also, hiring a mediator for your divorce is a good thing especially if child custody is part of the settlement. What if the mediation didn’t work for your case? Well, you need to get some work to do.

Divorce Mediation
Divorce Mediation

Start the negotiations: What to consider?

You need a lawyer. Divorce is a huge thing that requires you to choose someone who represents your legal right and responsibility. Hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean you will battle in court. A good family lawyer will help to smooth the process and decide the right step to take. Also, a lawyer will make sure you get what you need after the divorce is done.

Both parties need to agree to a term. Your spouse or you may not want to attend mediation unless the judge made your case. Meanwhile, you and your spouse need to agree on whether the divorce will come to court proceedings or divorce mediation. Both of you need to come to one term so the process will be done faster.

In case you go the mediation route, you will need to choose a mediator. Make sure you choose the right person to mediate your situation. Since some states have no strict laws and certification for mediators, you need to do some groundwork first. Ask the candidates about their former mediator cases, training or practical experiences, and courses taken for family mediation.

Also, if you have hired a lawyer, you will be asked to prepare several things. Those include a master list of possessions and assets, income records from, and what you expect. It is important to choose a neutral ground or private spot to perform mediation. Consulting a lawyer will make the process runs smoother.

Divorce Mediation
Divorce Mediation