June 10, 2023
Mediation process on your divorce conflict Mediation process

Mediation process on your divorce conflict

If you are involved in a divorce with conflict then you need to meet with the mediation process to get a win-win solution to your conflict. Mediation is common to use in divorce as this will settle disputes on help both of the parties that conflict and achieve the agreement decision about their marriage.

Facilitative mediation 

Facilitation mediation is the types of mediation that common to use. In this mediation, the mediator will listen to all parties and make informed suggestions to both playing judi poker at This style is initially similar to common peer mediation where the mediator works for both parties in their level. Sometimes both parties will present together and at other times mediator meet with parties separately and focus on each other.

Mediation process

Evaluative mediation 

The evaluative mediation is a case where the mediator has legal knowledge specifically and maybe is a lawyer. In this type, the mediator will listen to concerns of the conflict from each party and gives advice legally to how both of the parties concerned will stand up in court and represent them to work for the benefit for everyone.

Transformative mediation 

Transformative mediation is the third type of mediation where 2 concerned parties will make a meeting with mediator and encourage expressing their issues. This is similar to peer mediation where the mediator will help to lead each party to speak and listen inattentively with hopes to help both of the parties can achieve and meet with their differences together.

Mediation process

The goal of mediation in divorce conflict 

The basic goals from a different method of mediation previously are the same. They are lead to achieve the resolution to vary of issues that the couple has.  The main purpose is to make the divorce is less painful and enable them to solve their conflict peacefully.

Unfortunately, not all mediation will go peacefully. Some of the mediation will need a lot of effort from both parties and sometimes this can lead to emotional and sometimes fight scene. When this happens then the mediator will need to skilled in handle them with mediation techniques to release and calm down both of parties.

  • Create the environment that both parties able to trust
  • Deep breathe and sit in relaxing when one or both parties are emotional
  • Bring back both of dispute parties into the recent moment. Many parties that have conflict are stuck in the problem in the past.
  • Recognize every emotion that occurs both from the parties.