June 11, 2023
Mediation Process Divorce Mediation

Mediation Process

What is mediation process? 

Mediation is generally an informal exercise of the dispute resolution. The process will be helped by mediators. They will guide you to get your resolution. You will be asked about the clearly problems, understanding your position and condition so that you can close to your resolution. The most common do, mediation starts with a session to make rules and schedules together. In here, you have to tell your problems.

Five steps of mediation process

In mediation process, the mediator will give messages, offers, questions, etc. The parties should be request for the mediation process begins and also they can choose the mediator before following steps of the mediation process.  Here are the steps by steps of mediation process.

  1. Face the process

The first thing is you have to face the mediation process. Firstly, you must try to speak with the counsel about the response of the judges. Perhaps it is about suggestion about the mediation process. Speak all of the cases you face. The most important is how you can face the mediation process even not to fix the cases just come first.

  1. Opening session

The second step is opening session which the mediator starts to describe about the process of the mediation. It is function to know what the parties expect from mediation. In this step should be got result such as the hope of the parties. You have to tell about your purposes, open minded to accept the new information etc.

  1. Communication

Next step is communication. This step will give chances to explain the position of parties in the process. The step will complete with open questions, perspective of the parties, and feedback about the cases. The main step of the process is communication step because it will make all sides of the problems clearly. What you want to be clear, what you expect etc. you have to communicate here.

  1. Negotiation

This step is about what the parties expect or for dealing something of the parties. The parties can do negotiation for cases. It will be considered of financial things.

  1. Closure

The settlement happens if the parties want to overcome their dispute. Not all the parties will be here. However, the last step is ending of the mediation process or closure step. This step includes how to finalize the parties’ agreement. There are document to sign as the agreement process, dismissal of the cases, times for the funding based on negotiation, etc. If the parties already complete this step, it means the case was finished.