June 11, 2023
Mediation techniques and skills that mediator should master The Mediation Principle

Mediation techniques and skills that mediator should master

If you are a mediator then you will know that the mediation process will take a lot of effort, cost, and power. Sometimes, as a mediator, you need to be neutral and sometimes you need to be a representation for your client. As a mediator, it is important to encourage the proper types of mediation that will work to find the best agreement or deal into conflict.

Mediation techniques and skills
Mediation techniques and skills

Mediator skills to master

As a mediator, you need to master the mediation skills that will make you like the best mediator that help your client to gain agreement with their opposite. Here are the essential skills of mediation techniques skills at that you need to learn.

  • Investigation. First of all, you need to understand the issues of case and facts from the case that you handle. This means you need to make an intensive investigation by exploring the case.
  • Manage the interaction. In the mediation process, the interaction between parties involved in the conflict will become complex. The complexity usually becomes multiplies when there are several numbers of parties involved, for example, a family member. To keep the mediation session stay focus and effective, a mediator should act as the facilitator.
  • Invention of problem solution. Problem solving and invention will be a way to break the impasse and enhance cooperation from both parties.
  • Persuasion. As a mediator, you should handle well persuasion power skills. This skill will convey impression or ideas to other perception of the situation and also as know good judgment on how to use the ideas. In some cases, the mediator uses persuasive approaches as case progress that encourage the party to asses the agreement.
  • Realistic assessment or options of alternative. Dispute parties sometimes do not have thought about what will happen when they do not settle the case. When this happens, the mediator will help parties that dispute on defining the alternative to settle and estimate as much as clarity with the benefit and disadvantages from the alternative.
  • Generate options. In another case, some of the dispute parties frequently have the vision for the possible agreement. They know the right answer to a settlement that they need.
  • Reformulate or reframe the issues. If the [parties involved in dispute define the problem as a base on the other party’s fault, then it will be difficult for the party to be flexible in searching for agreement.
Mediation techniques and skills
Mediation techniques and skills

Also, as a mediator, you need to master other essential mediation techniques to manage your client or parties dispute.

  • Anger management.

·        Strategic directions to help the parties move forward to the agreement