June 10, 2023
Mediation techniques to handle emotions What is Mediation?

Mediation techniques to handle emotions

The task of mediator is how to handle the emotion of the parties. This is a part of the mediation process to achieve the purposes. There are several mediation techniques that can resolve this situation. Here are the mediation techniques you should be known.

Make a safety condition and comfy 

This is a mediator task, should create the environment comfy and safe between the parties.  Set the seating such as the parties have to sit cross each other, face to face etc. make sure to be a mediator, you should keep the secrets of your parties. A mediator should be neutral for your parties, creating a comfy environment to make the parties handle their emotions.

Mediation techniques
Mediation techniques

Take a deep breath 

Handle the emotions, is too hard to do. The first things, the parties take a deep breath. How to think and express the expressions will be something complex. Emotional and rational has connected each other. A mediation process of the cases or problems includes the angry or mad, upset etc.

Sometimes, there is a time when the parties get a mad, express their upset etc. a mediator should stop this condition and let them to take a breath and sit. This mediation technique should do, after take a deep breath someone will be calm.

Make the parties looking the future

The parties have a conflict because they always remember about the past. Something happened in the past will be a reason to force someone. Mediation technique is to handle the emotion in this situation. Thus, the parties must be transparent about the resolution. Emotional is not always negative when we play at When the parties show the emotions, a mediator has to bring them to look the future.

Mediation techniques
Mediation techniques

The emotion should be productive thing for example by asking the parties about what they want and need to the future. The parties must move on and a mediator gives them solutions to achieve the resolution.

Know the emotions as chance 

The emotions show they respect for any cases and problems. This mediation technique will be a mediator to try listening, reflecting and respecting from the parties problem. There are ways to make the emotional as a benefit for the mediation process.

For example when the parties get mad or angry, a mediator should say these things such as I know, be sure to get a mad right now however you have to tell me why that is happening? Etc. The expression of emotional is a chance. When you help the parties to handle the mediation process, as mediator should recognize the emotional as chance by conflict of the parties face.