October 25, 2021
Understanding the mediation process to your family conflict solution mediation techniques

Understanding the mediation process to your family conflict solution

In mediation, there are steps of the mediation process that is needed to do to gain solution for your conflict. When held mediation, both of mediator and parties need to understand the goal at bola 88 of the mediation itself and the long process of mediation to achieve a deal.

Stage of the mediation process 

  • Gathering or initiate the mediation.
  • select the mediator.
  • Open the mediation sessions.
  • Settlements occurs when the parties have dissolved their dispute
  • Impasse. The impasse is a condition when the parties did not achieve the settlements with their dispute
mediation techniques
mediation techniques

There is formal and informal mediation which able to help the mediation from both parties. The mediator’s role is to guide both parties that dispute on define their resolution for their conflict.¬† When there are parties are involved in the conflict, there are several types of mediation that can be held as an alternative to gain agreement and negotiation. The negotiation on mediation usually uses a different approach to handle different type of conflict they both parties face.

  • Facilitative mediation. The facilitative mediation is a case when a professional mediator attempts to facilitate the negotiation between the parties that dispute on conflict.
  • Court-mandated mediation. This is a case where the mediation is mandated by the court to promote fast and cost-efficient of conflict settlement.
  • Evaluative mediation. Different from the facilitative mediation the evaluation mediation is a type of mediation where the mediators are likely in creating advice and suggestions and express opinions for the conflicts for both disputing parties.
  • Transformative mediation. This is a condition when the mediator focuses on empowering the dispute parties to resolve conflict and encourage them to recognize their needs and interest.
  • Arb-med. This is the next mediation where the neutral party hears evidence and testimony from the disputants in arbitration mediation.
  • E-mediation. This is a condition when the mediator provides the mediation service to dispute parties that located far away from each other.
mediation techniques
mediation techniques

In general, the mediation starts with joint sessions and then set the ground rules for the next agenda to meet for both parties. The mediator in the mediation process will lead and bring messages from both sides of parties that include offers, counter offers, demands, questions and also proposals to agree to both parties.  Therefore, with the big rules of the importance of mediator role in mediation, the mediator needs to have proper mediation techniques to define and gather the mediation with both parties.