June 11, 2023
Things to Prepare for Mediation Prepare for Mediation

Things to Prepare for Mediation

Mediation seems like one of those ways you need to take when the previous strategies didn’t work. Other than that, mediation could be undesirable for the other party, mostly. However, mediation could be the best alternative when informal complaints couldn’t help you and you don’t want to live with conflict.

So, what is mediation? What is the goal? What can you expect? Well, in this article, we have several things you can learn to prepare your mediation. It is important to prepare this thing in advance because you want to succeed.

What is mediation

Generally, mediation helps two parties or more to settle and reaching agreements. It also means that you need to get the other party’s cooperation to find solutions that mutually agreeable. This is the goal of mediation.

Keep in mind that mediation is not about debating. You don’t need to prove that you are right and they are wrong. Also, you cannot force the other party to give up what he or she believes is important.

What is mediation
Prepare for Mediation

The outcome will be a win-lose since it is not a debate. Mediation is the way to manage the failure of debating in the first place. This process has nothing to do with changing the values or personality of a person.

Things to avoid by mediators

As a mediator, several things need to be avoided and better not to do. A mediator doesn’t decide on how the issue will be resolved. All process and information about the mediation should be kept between the mediator and parties involved in the process. Also, mediators don’t decide on the right and wrong side. Mediation has nothing to do with that.

Mediation is a conversation

Conversations are the main things in mediation. Even though it seems tough but at least both parties need to talk to make a settlement. When a mediator talks to one person, others must be listening or at least are expected to. No interruption because it makes an awkward situation for sure.

Mediation is a conversation
Mediation is a conversation

The mediator will also ask questions to one party to another to help both sides understand the perspective of each other without trying to change the values. Also, the mediator will ask each party to repeat the point of what you heard, things you extract from the information of the other party.

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Mutual benefit

As we have mentioned earlier, mediation has nothing to do with determining the right and wrong side. The scenario of why you choose a mediator to take care of this could be that you and the other side couldn’t accept each other terms or simply disagree with each other.

When you and the other party gets in a heated conversation or situation, it seems very difficult and unnatural to find the solution for both sides. Taking mediation and using the mediator to take care of the dispute is the best way to find mutual benefit. When both sides couldn’t find the solution, the mediator has his or her neutral space to help both sides more quickly.